About Our Products

Origin of our cashmere

Cashmere is a fine hair which comes from Capra Hircus goats. These goats live in huge, wild, nomadic herds in China, Mongolia, Afghanistan and Iran. This dense duvet of fine, soft hair protects them from the icy cold wind (between -30 and - 40°C) in the winter. Indeed, a goat only yields 100 g to 150 g of cashmere a year. Cashmere fibre is a rare natural harvest and a traded commodity so all fibre prices are subject to market fluctuations

Actually cashmere fibre quality is determined by several factors:

  1. Fibre Thickness. The finer it is the more expensive and the softer it feels.
  2. Fibre Length. The longer fibres giving higher tensile strength when knitting and better product durability.
  3. Colour. Very light “White for white” Chinese cashmere is the rarest, finest and most expensive cashmere fibre. It is used mainly for white yarn and for pastel colours. Not surprisingly, these light colours in yarn are more expensive to buy from a spinner.
  4. Purity. Some cashmere fibre can become unintentionally contaminated with other fibres through careless processing or can be intentionally adulterated with cheaper fibre to increase short-term margin or maintain low retail price.

Once harvested, the fibre has to be processed through several stages:

  1. Dehairing. This removes the greasy, coarse, outer hair called “guard hair” from the fibre.  Poor dehairing will leave guard hair and black hairs in the fibre which have to be picked out once knitted into fabric.
  2. Dyeing. Has to be done in such a manner so as not to harden the fibre but has to be full, deep, level colour.  It also has to be “fast” meaning it will not fade in sunlight or run or “bleed” in the rain or be affected by body perspiration.
  3. Spinning. This is where the dyed hair is first carded which gets all the fibres lying in the same direction in a web. 

Les Tricots de Margot selects high quality white for white Cashmere from China Inner Mongolia for all our baby garments. We use pure Cashmere hair which is obtained from several dehairing procedures. Then the fiber is dyed to natural & pastel colors without affecting the fiber quality and soft touch. The yarns are made by an established and reputable spinner in Mongolia.

All Les Tricots de Margot garments are made in a workshop Mongolia by local high qualified workers to ensure an old-world craftsmanship while maintaining an affordable price.



Cashmere is one of the finest natural fibers in the world. It is combed from the undercoat of Mongolian goats. Knitwear made from this precious and delicate fiber is luxurious to wear but requires a little more care and attention than products made from coarser wools.

After wearing your new cashmere garment for the first times you might find small balls of fiber forming on the surface. These small balls or "pills" are caused by some of the loose fiber tangling together as areas of your garment are rubbed during wear. This "PILLING" is not indicative of inferior quality – it is an inevitable consequence of the careful processing of this fine fiber. Pills can be easily removed by hand or a appropriate comb or razor. Nonetheless, pilling should stop after a few washes. You will find that, after few washes, the garment will actually consolidate and soften in handle and touch.

Washing Instructions

Cashmere knitwear can be hand washed or machine-cleaned. We recommend hand washing with a special wool / cashmere shampoo. You can follow these simple guidelines

  1. Soak garment in lukewarm water (30°C) using a special wool / cashmere detergent.
  2. Squeeze suds gently through fabric – do not rub, wring or stretch the garment.
  3. Rinse thoroughly but carefully in clean lukewarm water.
  4. Saturated garments should not be lifted before excess water has been gently squeezed out, as they may stretch. Spin dry by pressing gently in a towel
  5. Smooth garment back into original shape and place flat on a towel – dry naturally away from direct heat such as radiators or sunlight. Do not tumble dry.
  6. When dry press lightly with a cool iron.
  7. In the event of staining, rinse the affected area with cold water
  8. Never use any softner   

In this way, like fine wine, cashmere will improve with age if cared for properly.



All our garments are made in 100% pure cashmere, which is an extensible material.

Here is a size guide:

Age 0-1 month 0-3 months 3-6 months 6-12 months 1-2 years 2-3 years
Weight (kg) 4 6 8 10 12 15
Height (cm) 55 61 68 77 86 95

If you need more information on sizes or advice for choosing, please call +44 (0) 020 8123 8117 or contact us.

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